One of the smartest decisions I ever made as a business owner and content creator was to begin building my email list.

10 years ago when I began blogging and putting out videos I somehow knew that having an email list was important. I’m not sure where I heard it but thank God I did, because now that list is responsible for turning my no-name blog and YouTube channel into a 7 figure business.

These days everyone seems more interested in talking about Instagram, Facebook, or whatever new social media platform is hot at the time, and for good reason – that’s where all the people are.

But being present on Social Media isn’t enough – not if you want to build a sustainable business.

The secret to a lasting income and stability is to build and nurture an email list. Today I’m going to give you three reasons why.

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4 thoughts on “3 Reasons Why You Should Build An Email List Now”

  1. Comment about the content I’d the sneak peak of the AIA course:

    It seems really easy to find incentives for emails for weight loss programs etc, but…
    As a musician/artist, I struggle with trying to provide a useful offer that provides the potential customer benefits or solves a problem of theirs in exchange for their email address.

    I mean, an independent artist offering a free mp3 of a song, even if it’s an unreleased live track or exclusive something, doesn’t really provide a huge incentive.
    Because Free music is widely available via streaming and fans of your music who would be actually interested in exclusive tracks are already on the mailing list and subsequent funnel.

    What are some alternative offerings that a musician/artist can use to entice new people in, in order to foster a relationship that leads them to becoming a fan which leads to sales?

    (I know you’re currently on your 30 day social media detox, but not sure if this counts as social media, as it’s your own site)

    1. Hey Nathan – this DOESN’T count as social media so I’m here 🙂

      I would re-frame your thinking. Don’t assume that your fans are already on your email list. Your lead magnet is for anyone who has checked out your free content (i.e. your music) and wants more. So an exclusive song, or behind the scenes video on a song, would be cool.

      As a musician, you can’t entice new people who haven’t heard your music.

  2. Thanks for another great post, Graham. I like the idea of selling specifically to your email list.

    Do you do that only for specific launches or is it for evergreen content as well?

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