Why do some people have successful product launches and others only see a trickle of sales?
What does it take to go from a $1,000 launch to a six-figure or more launch?
What’s the secret?!
Turns out there’s not just one, but THREE secrets to making more money with your product launches.
And I want to share them with you today.
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6 thoughts on “3 Ways To Make More Money With Your Product Launches”

  1. I’m a successful entrepreneur and I have to be honest about this type of video. To me, this method of selling (which has been around for a long time, there’s nothing new here) conflicts with my personal values: Why would I want someone to buy a product they don’t really need? Why would I attempt to play with people’s mind in order to get what I want? Anyways, just my point of view.

    1. Hey Marc – congrats on being an entrepreneur! To your point, I agree! I’m never playing with people’s mind: I’m an evangelist for my products! I’m making sure I do my due diligence to get the word out to my audience about my products. It’s ultimately their decision to buy or not. But just putting a “for sale sign” out in front of the product and nothing else isn’t enough. Giving people an incentive to buy during launch is good for both parties as it forces me to offer MORE value to them if they take action now (lower price, more bonuses, etc) rather than later. Hope that helps!

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