If you’re like most business owners, you spend the entire year with your head down plowing along trying to launch products, make sales, and reach more customers. So much so that you rarely if ever come up for air.

At the end of the year it’s all too easy to mentally move on to next year without ever reflecting on this one.

Here’s a bit of advice: don’t miss out on this opportunity to count the fruit.

What the heck does that mean?!

If your business were an apple orchard and you spent all year planting, watering, and tending to the trees, it would be sad to reach the end of the year and only have a general idea of how the orchard is doing (we grew some trees).

Wouldn’t it be better to stop and actually count how many apples you grew?

The same is true in our businesses.

Whether it was a boom of a year or a bust of a year, I’m sure you grew SOME fruit that’s worth counting. And unless you actually stop to count it, you’ll never realize just how much you accomplished.

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10 thoughts on “Count The Fruit In Your Business Each Year”

  1. this is good, i often work so hard .But in the end i always feel bad as i didnt make it as i was accepting. Through years i came to learn that things take time.But always i feel disappointing to start counting how much apple this year. After all we are humans and in the end it is important how much things i achieved even its one or two even zero 🙂 . Graham, i learnt from you that always blaming myself is not helping me and actually, it makes me feel more negative ,feels more vulnerable 🙁 .Yeah many says criticizing is good for your personal growth but they always promoted the hustle myth! I got tons of people around me and doing a lot of hustle and it has became trend in Bangladesh. I really felt forceful but didn’t know where to go. Now its taking a lot of time and i’m not fully continuing it properly though but my mindset always driving me to your “Hustle free business model”. Wishing for the best <3 lots of love and respect to you and your family.
    the C3ll Project Team

  2. One of my biggest achievements of this year is to have made the transition from using my business as supplemental income to using it as the main source of income.
    It is time to proliferate!

  3. Thanks Graham, this is awesome. Sometimes it can be hard to see the forest for the trees.

    My biggest “fruit” this year was when I spoke on stage at a Jeff Walker event in front of 1033 entrepreneurs. I actually won a 2-day private mastermind with Jeff at his house in Colorado this summer.

    I appreciate you being so authentic and giving so freely. You’re a role model, and I hope we have a chance to connect more in 2019.

    1. Wow Michael! Congrats on both being invited to speak at Jeff’s event and the 2-day mastermind. Would love to hear how that went! Email me brother.

  4. As a fruit I’ve had this year has to be a relatively successful marketing campaign for the 2018 Giving Tuesday & promotion on my single The Dufflebag. Although the immediate roi was small, it was HUGE to have something actually work. Plus, massive steps forward to rebranding the non profit & massive steps forward in the music career of 15 Mill. Thanks for always encouraging & educating us to be practical. Excited to be tackling the 30-day challenge here ASAP!

  5. I finally changed my mindset from “what can I do to make money” to “how can I serve other people” and it is the game changing idea. Thanks for your help, Graham. God bless you!

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