Ten years ago I was on food stamps (government assistance) after losing a job during the recession and trying to start a business from scratch.

It was a painful 18 months of making virtually no money and feeling stupid for blogging and making YouTube videos.

Today that business does over 7 figures a year, and counting.

How did that happen? That’s what this video is all about.

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7 thoughts on “From Food Stamps To Seven Figures (My Story)”

  1. Such an inspiring post Graham. Thank you.

    I’m at the 1 year mark with my business (Audio Tutor). If I’m honest I’m barely seeing growth at all, I’m just hoping for that tipping point because I feel like I’m doing all the right things!

    I’ve been toying with the idea of moving to a different topic and starting from scratch. A few of my posts have been more about Management and they’ve had the best response to be honest. Do you think I should follow the audience and start on a new venture or am I just giving up too soon?

    Once again thank you for this post, it really picked me up!


    1. Hi Tim,

      It just depends. What kind of audience size do you have? Are they super engaged? How are you getting in front of more people? How much content do you produce?

  2. Hey Graham,

    Very inspiring story! Thanks for being real and showing that difficult times come for all of us. I just started blogging and most definitely can relate to the slow growth that you mentioned here. Patience is essential, but more important focusing on helping others is the most important thing I took away from what you said.

    We often say we want to “help” others when really we are just trying to make a quick buck. Selfish ambition has a funny way of biting back.

    Keep sharing the great content!



  3. It’s incredible how accurate the timing is (very much like fate) to receive this type of inspirational story. I’ve been following you for some time now (and a long time on Recording Revolution), and just this week I’ve recorded my first footage of violin technique training tutorials for my website, which made me feel very awkward and uncomfortable while talking to the camera (a first time experience). I know that it will take practice and time to get better and I feel very positive about it, but I needed a push of inspiration to see that the way is there and I just need to keep working. I am absolutely certain that I am following the right path now, I am in the Internet Marketing business since 2010 so I tried quite a lot of things already, but never the thing I am most passionate about, and I thank you for that. This is the first time I feel that the path to follow is consistent, and I love to see it like that. Thanks Graham!

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