Kajabi is an online platform designed for the average, non techie person to build, launch, run, and grow an online business easily and affordably.

I personally use it to run a 7 Figure business and it’s what I recommend everyone use even if they are just starting out. Especially if they are just starting out.

More than just a place to host your online course or membership, Kajabi can also do landing pages, webinars, email marketing, collect payments and even built and host your website.

When I started my online business in 2009, I had to use multiple online services virtually ducked taped together to make it all work – and it was janky.

These days virtually all of what I do is in Kajabi – and for multiple businesses!

The best part? It’s cheaper and easier than what I had to use in the past!

So in today’s video I want to give you a tour of the platform and show you how I personally use it to run my business, The Recording Revolution.

And finally – If you’re interested in trying out Kajabi for free for an entire month, hit the link below for a 28 day free trial and take their 28 day challenge. Full disclosure it’s an affiliate link, so if you end up using Kajabi it will support me as well. If not, no hard feelings.

Grab your 28 Day free trial of Kajabi here.

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11 thoughts on “How I Use Kajabi To Run A Million Dollar Business”

  1. This video was perfect timing for me. If I’m thinking of switching over to Kajabi and I need to switch email providers from Mailchimp anyways – would you recommend just doing email all in house or does something like Convert Kit have benefits that would make it worth moving most email marketing on that?

    1. Personally I’m still on ConvertKit but I would say from what I’m seeing you could just do it all with Kajabi. It’s very flexible.

  2. Hi Graham, would love to use Kajabi but it seems that there’s no online course system that supports international payment methods like iDeal. Do you have any recommendations for something like that? In the mean time I’m stuck duck taping Woocommerce 🙂

    Thanks, Ben

  3. Can the webpages generated via Kajabi be linked to some external software/script, so that they can carry out some calculations?
    Like this:
    Kajabi webpage => values and parameters from user input => ext. software => calculation => results => displayed on the Kajabi webpage?

  4. Hey Graham, thanks for this awesome resource!

    Just looking for some Kajabi insights here.

    I’m currently using WP and looking at moving to Kajabi.

    I have about 50 blog posts I would need to migrate to Kajabi.

    How labor intensive would that be and would it be recommended at my stage?

    Here’s a little more insight as to where I am. I’m a financial coach and I’m in the process of building my blog/platform. I’ve been working through Elite Blog Academy, building my email list (150 subscribers) and coaching mostly 1:1 and virtually. I’m in Unit 8, “Build Your Product”, on the verge of creating some products based on my audience’s needs and love what I see in terms of Kajabi’s “all in one” capabilities. Plus, I want to start doing webinars, etc.

    Any insights would be super appreciated.😀👍

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