Social Media is all anyone wants to talk about when it comes to business growth.

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But there’s this giant elephant in the room that no one wants to talk about: we are using social media in the wrong way!

In fact, there are two major mistakes most business owners are making when it comes to leveraging social media strategically.

One is philosophical and the other is tactical.

Let’s break both of those down today and then at the end I want to give you a simple social media plan you can use to ACTUALLY see business growth.

You might have likes, but do they pay your bills?!

Mistake #1 – Trying To Make Everyone Happy

You may not think that you’re doing this, but this is exactly what just about every business owner out there is trying to do on social media.

I love how Seth Godin perfectly explains this problem:

Social media makes it easy to be both dissatisfied and to have a mission at the same time: Make everyone happy.

Every single critic silenced. Every customer delighted. Every prospect interested.

Sort of like your footprint in social media. It’s imperfectible. There is someone, right now, who’s miffed at you. Someone who misunderstands you. Someone who used to work with you who doesn’t any more, or someone who has the wrong impression of you and won’t even give you a chance. Not to mention the trolls, the ones who merely seek oppositional positions.

It’s imperfectible.

For every person who wants you to have bigger portions, there is someone who says the portions are too big. For every person who says your writing is too personal, there’s someone who wants it to be more personal…

People have been talking about you behind your back ever since fifth grade. Now, of course, you can eavesdrop whenever you choose. Don’t.

Turn it off. Walk away. Accept the lack of perfect.

Better to make something important instead. – Seth Godin, Bestselling Author

Granted Seth is talking about social media as a whole for the individual and personal account, but replace the word “you” with “your business” and you have the same problem.

So many of us business owners are so personally tied to our social media followings that likes on our brand’s feed feels like someone approves us personally.

Trolls on our business accounts feel like a personal attack.

We solo-preneurs ARE our businesses and our brands and we get sucked into pleasing everyone and converting every skeptic.

Social media just becomes a massive black hole for us as business owners creating a false goal of getting likes, comments, follows and in general, making everyone happy.

All of this takes time, attention, and energy away from the things that ACTUALLY drive business and sales: making great products and services and offering to our warm leads on our email list!

Which leads me to my second point…

Mistake #2 – Using Social Media As A Selling Tool

Most business owners view social media primarily as a selling tool.

Sure they post inspirational quotes, funny memes, and just casual “day in the life” pics and videos to connect with their followers, but the end goal is to eventually promote their products or services on social.

This is completely backwards.

Let me share with you three social media truths that that will set you free:

  • Social Media Truth #1 – Social media was not made to be a selling tool. It’s a connecting tool.
  • Social Media Truth #2 – You don’t have to be “everywhere” and post every day to be effective with social.
  • Social Media Truth #3 – Your primary goal should be to stay top of mind with your audience, add value, and point them to your lead magnet.

According to the numbers (and the past decade of personal experience) selling to warm leads on your email list is far more effective than selling on social media!

Do you see the difference here?

We want to use social as a connecting tool, and only in a few strategic places throughout the week, with the primary goal of getting people to opt-in to your email list.

We do that with a lead magnet – something valuable and free that we offer our followers in exchange for their email address.

This could be a PDF guide, a video, an audio download, etc.

All we want is to help them and then get them on our list so we can use email to sell.

Here’s My Social Media Strategy

Even though I make fun of social media and don’t see it as the most important part of running my businesses, it’s still a part and I still have a strategy.

Here is my 6 step plan that you can use and adapt to your own business:

  1. Pick 1 or 2 platforms – Decide which major platform (or two) your ideal audience hangs out the most and commit to posting only there.
  2. Use visuals – We’ve become so visual driven that even Twitter (a primarily text based platform) is filled with images and videos daily.
  3. Offer free information – Help people. Create posts that add value. Teach and share. Motivate. Highlight your weekly content. Remember the “Value Circle”
  4. Ask questions and engage – Start and continue conversations with your followers. Ask their opinion. Ask for feedback.
  5. Build a “tribe” – Curate the type of followers who would be your ideal customers and make content for them.
  6. Mention your lead magnet – This is the best use of social media – regularly link people to your amazing and free lead magnet as a resource so you can build your list!

Boost Your Income By 30% In The Next 90 Days

As you can see social media is a long play that leads to indirect income.

So how can you actually increase revenue sooner?

I want to give you something – I’ve put together a free guide called my 90 Day Income Boost Cheat Sheet that will give you a step by step plan to actually increase your business income by 30% in the next 90 days without needing to land any new customers.

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3 thoughts on “How NOT To Use Social Media For Business”

  1. This is such a great video, mate.
    I’ve been mentoring several younger musicians trying to carve their way as independent artists, but they rely so heavily on social
    Media and then wonder why the numbers at their gigs are reflective of their social media efforts.
    I keep telling them to have their mailing list out at gigs to acquire emails from potential fans, but they think email is dead, despite the statistics (that you’ve spoken of before).
    Even more mind blowing is that a few years ago I toured as the support act for a huge multi-platinum selling artist here in Australia who was signed to Sony music, and he asked me why I was so proactive about getting emails at the shows. I told him that he should take control of his connection to his audience. Now he has left Sony and gone independent, but Sony won’t give him his mailing list, which he now realizes is his strongest connection to his audience.

    Anyway, great advice again mate.

  2. THANK YOU!!!!!!! Part of what you stated here is exactly what I have been thinking and eventually decided to do myself. It just started to become too cotton-pickin’ overwhelming!
    Keeping it simple but relevant that’s how I intend to approach this thing.
    This was right on time! Thanks again sir!??☝

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