Email marketing is the core of any healthy online business. And building out a proper email funnel or sequence is critical to actually making money on autopilot.

But when I talk to many of you I hear over and over how daunting and overwhelming the task of creating your funnel is. And I get it.

I think this partly because there are so many brilliant internet marketers out there preaching the merits of highly complex segmented funnels – it just hurts your brain!

The good news is that it can be WAY simpler than that.

I’ve been using virtually the same basic funnel for almost a decade now and it’s responsible for about $30k – $50k a month, all automatically.

So today I want to share with you 4 principles for building your own simple and profitable email funnel!

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8 thoughts on “How To Build A Profitable Email Funnel”

  1. This video was eye opener for me. I am building my list, no product still, but I didn’t take in consideration the fact that people is motivated right after they subscribe, and it makes perfect sense, I was still with the old fashioned way of promoting products that I’ve learned years ago with email marketing trainings.

    Actually this is a fact that I need to review on my email funnel given that I am ready now to build my first product, even having a very small list yet.

    Graham, I know that I saw almost all resources that you’ve created so far, but I don’t recall if you’ve created something related to building digital products. Have you?

    Thanks and keep up the excellent work!

  2. Wonder if marketing funnels like this – I strongly prefer how you said marketing sequence – much clearer to me —- couldn’t do this with songwriting music. Maybe Free original scratch track 2 minutes of some sort each week, mapped to an eventual purchase of radio ready music full songs.

  3. Great stuff Graham. The more I watch your content, the more confident that this is something that I can really do (start my own online business). How much content should I have made and in place before I start deploying a lead magnet? Also, I’m not sure what I should focus on first. Should I focus on creating the product I’m going to sell first or should I focus on generating content first?

    1. I would create your first 3 posts or so + a lead magnet right away if you can. Don’t worry about a product until you’ve got some content going out regularly and an audience. That way you can find out what THEY would want in a product.

  4. You mentioned that subscribers can be added to a regular list after they’ve finished the email funnel. How do you set this up in Mailchimp? I can’t seem to figure it out and Google isn’t any help. Help would be much appreciated! Thanks, Ben

    1. In Mailchimp you basically have ONE list that sends to everyone. BUT when you send an email out you can choose to NOT send it to people who joined your list in the last week, two weeks, 30 days, or however many days your funnel is.

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