Using Facebook Live to start and grow your business is both easy and strategic.

In fact that is how I started THIS business before I ever had a website or any products.

In this video I’ll walk you through a simple 4-Step plan to go from zero audience to building momentum and getting eyeballs on your content and brand!

The 6 Benefits Of Facebook Live

Before I jump into the steps though, we have to ask the question: why Facebook Live? What are the benefits to using this platform over anything else?

There are quite a few.

To begin with Facebook has over 2 Billion active monthly users. That’s nearly a third of the world’s population and closer to two thirds of all internet users. That’s a lot of people using one platform!

Secondly, it costs nothing to create content on Facebook Live (just use your smart phone or webcam). At minimum however I recommend you use the microphone on your Apple Earpod or Earbuds to get better audio quality.

Third, with Facebook Live you have a built in audience..your friends! Instead of starting from zero you already have people to share your videos with and begin growing a loyal following and tribe.

Fourth, creating content with Facebook Live gives you instant interaction and feedback allowing you to better learn what your audience wants and needs so you can more quickly fine tune your content and eventual products to serve them well.

Sure I can get comments on my YouTube videos after the fact but nothing beats live, in the moment feedback!

Fifth, with Facebook Live you get instant and powerful analytics. From which videos reach the most people and are viewed the most, to which videos tend to garner the most engagement. It’s all there at your finger tips.

And the sixth benefit of using Facebook Live to start your business is you can easily test out ideas before taking them even more “mainstream”. It’s fast and easy to create and share content and finesse your deliver and content strategy moving forward.

Now – let’s jump in to a 4 step plan you can use to start and grow your business on Facebook Live!

Step 1 – Create A Facebook Fan Page

The first thing you need to treat yourself as a business and create a separate “fan” page to host your Facebook Lives. Don’t go live on your personal Facebook page.

Don’t worry, you’ll still be able to share them with your personal page as well.

And from the start, let your personal Facebook friends know about your new business fan page and what kind of content they can expect from it. Ask them to like and follow the page so they will catch all your new content!

I setup a separate Graham Cochrane fan page from my personal facebook page

Step 2 – Go Live 1-2 Times A Week For 10-15 Minutes

If you already have done some research and know your business idea, it should be easy to brainstorm 20-30 topics you could share over the next few months. Make a list on your phone or in a Google Doc.

For each topic, map out three main points and a compelling title/promise.

Then once or twice a week minimum, pick a topic and outline, grab your phone, type in the title and description and “Go Live” for about 10 to 15 minutes.

Longer is totally fine, but I find that 10-15 minutes is a sweet spot for most educational content.

Step 3 – Structure Your Facebook Lives Strategically (i.e. NOT for live)

So what do you do when you go “live”? Not what most people do!

Don’t wait for people to show up, awkwardly saying “Hey guys! Just waiting for a few more people to show up. How’s it going? Blah Blah”

Start right away with the promise of what they will learn in that Live. Teach as if for the replay since that’s how most people will see it.

Remind people who you are with a brief sentence about your credibility (who you are, who you help, and what you help them do).

Mention your lead magnet right at the beginning and tell them where they can get it (ideally link in the Facebook post as well)

Then if you have access to your computer share your Facebook Live video to your personal page real quick. If you can’t, don’t worry you can share it at the end.

If you see people in their live, ask them to give you a “Like” or a “Heart” if they are ready to roll. Otherwise, jump right into the content.

Teach your three points without paying attention to the comments that might be coming in. Remember, we are structuring this “live” for the person who will watch it after the fact, so we don’t want to interrupt the content flow.

At the end of the content, re-pitch your lead magnet Then ask if there are any questions. This is optional of course as you may not have anybody on the live broadcast or it might be a quiet bunch.

If you happened to see some questions coming in you can totally look back and answer those for a minute or two.

Sign off and end the broadcast.

Step 4 – Optimize The FB Live For Replay

Now that the Facebook Live is over you’d think you’d be done. But not quite!

Since the effectiveness of your video will be in the replay views we want to optimize it as such. There are three simple things we can do to make sure your Facebook Live replay is as effective as possible.

First be sure to add the link to your lead magnet in the description if you haven’t already. 

You can easily edit and update both the title (if you need to) and description with any text that will help. For sure mention your lead magnet in the description and link directly to it.

Secondly, pick a better thumbnail (or create a custom one).

Facebook might have some goofy screen grab of you teaching for the thumbnail, but it gives you the option of other screen grabs. Or you can upload your own custom thumbnail!

And finally, the most important thing you can do to optimize your Facebook Live video is to turn on the auto-generated captions.

Did you know that 85% of people watch Facebook videos with the sound off?!

Crazy, right?!

Thankfully Facebook has an auto-generated captions feature that is a life saver. Simply choose your language and choose “auto-generate”.

These captions (which are editable by the way) will automatically pop up on the video if the viewer’s sound is off.

Select your language and hit “generate” to create automatic captions in seconds

Here’s what the captions look like in action

BONUS: Boost your Facebook Live videos with a small budget

Here’s a bonus step if you want to speed up things a bit.

If you can afford $5 – $10 a week you can simply boost each one of your Facebook Lives for $5 a pop to reach more of your ideal audience.

This little $5 investment will make your video show up in the feeds of other Facebook users that you can target based on age, location, interests and more and will help get you in front of a wider audience.

Eventually you will get momentum and audience growth from both organic sharing and the paid boosting!

Are you using Facebook Live to grow your business?

So what about you?

Are you currently using Facebook Live to grow your business? 

If not, what about this 4-step plan was most interesting or helpful to you?

Leave a comment below and let me know!

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6 thoughts on “How To Use Facebook Live To Start Your Business”

  1. Ryan O'Flaherty

    Thanks Graham,
    – It was interesting to know that FB likes LIVE and promotes them.
    – Recording for the replay was a good note
    – I have been thinking FB was too busy to actually deliver something of importance but it sounds like this is false.
    – Would these videos get sent to Youtube after?

    1. They work best on FB but you certainly could re-upload to YouTube. Though I generally think it makes sense to only speak to “Facebook” people on FB and YouTube people on YT.

  2. Hey Graham!
    Can you make a step by step video where you actually show us how to set up the facebook live for success?

    I’m really thankful for all of your amazing content!

  3. Hi Graham,
    Thanks for the tips!

    What are the differences between FB live and YouTube live?

    My audience is mostly on Twitter and YouTube. I teach niche mobile app development. FB seems a little less professional for this topic. Am I wrong?

    1. YouTube live is very similar in that you can “go live” whenever and get immediate feedback on your content and directly interact with your audience.

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