I recently quit social media for 30 days – as a detox of sorts.

I was feeling the addictive qualities of social media and wanted to take a break so refresh myself and gain some much needed perspective on this powerful tool.

Many of you asked what my experience was like and what I learned.

Well today I want to share with you 5 things I discovered after taking 30 days off of Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Hope this helps and encourages you!

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6 thoughts on “I Quit Social Media And Discovered These 5 Things”

  1. One thing I’ve done and enjoyed is creating a 2nd Instagram account I use when I want to step away. It has very few that I follow (10-15 or less) and only content that edifies me in my walk with the Lord. One thing a detox can never do is make us sanctified. Only the Lord can. So unless we identify idols in our hearts we will never get to the root. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Graham
    Happy New Year. I am going to try so hard to keep this short. Your post on January 1st about taking this 30-day challenge was one of those things in life that come out of left field and opens one’s eyes in ways they just maybe never would have done. I have used Facebook for a variety of reasons, promoting my music releases, connecting and commenting with friends (virtual and real). In addition, to making it be a way of documenting every cup of coffee, every moment I had to myself, every news flash that I had to respond to etc. On January 1st I stopped! After 2 weeks, the temptation was there is “peek” and see what was going on. After a full month of being off of this, the following happened in my life:
    1. I realized that if there was anything really that important to me, or if I was that important to them, we have phones, emails, and real get-togethers.
    2. I was given an opportunity to do a video for a special education school celebrating their 50th anniversary. I have never done a project like this before but all of the sudden I said to myself all the extra minutes here and there to BS and scroll on Facebook, I am going to learn everything I can about videography so I can do this project. Thanks to Youtube and motivation after 30 days I feel so excited to be starting to film. A new skill set has opened in my life.
    3. When I returned to Facebook, I was extremely disheartened and disappointed. What I saw were people doing the exact same thing. Nothing changed, nothing was different and my blood pressure was going back up after re-experiencing the negativity that has consumed this platform. It has lost its lure in my opinion.
    In summary, I’ve had friends say I am preaching. LOL, I say no, I am just amazed how on a social level our baseline had shifted in so many ways that we may not see the reality that social media can suck our time, emotional state, and in the end, time gets wasted.

    Thank you

  3. Great meeting and chatting with you at NAMM!

    When thinking of creating my online business, in the back of my mind I keep comparing to what others have been doing-and it could be subconsciously making me procrastinate. It’s a lot easier to do that when you’re on FB /IG/Twitter/Youtube. Like you said, put the blinders on and GO. And it creates so much more time in your life to learn to be better at it, whether it’s video editing, compression on drums, etc etc like the comment above about learning a new skill.

    I foresee me doing this in the future, but not yet. Glad to have you “back!”


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