The Million Dollar Life Giving Business Formula

How To Uncover Your Uniqueness and Build a 7-Figure Boutique Brand Without Burning Out

5 Things You'll Get From This Free Training:

  • How to create a vision for the life you truly want, and then build your business around that vision
  • Infuse your business with cashflow, peace of mind, and sustainability
  • Eliminate your competition by embracing your uniqueness
  • Craft your ideal work week so you wake up every day loving your life and business 
  • Scale up your income while cutting your work hours in half

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Hosted by Graham Cochrane

Graham Cochrane is a 7 figure entrepreneur, TEDx and keynote speaker, and bestselling author of How To Get Paid For What You Know and Rebel: Find Yourself by Not Following The Crowd (2024). 

He is the host of The Graham Cochrane Show, a top .5% ranked podcast globally, where each week he helps high performers do business and life their way. With over 14 years of online coaching and content experience, 700,000 YouTube subscribers across his channels, and having built multiple 7 figure businesses that require less than 5 hours of work per week to run, Graham is a leading voice in the life-giving business movement. 

His insights have been regularly featured in national media outlets like Forbes, CNBC and Business Insider. 

As a coach and dynamic keynote speaker he can help any success-oriented person who feels stuck, exhausted, or disappointed, leverage their true identity to experience clarity, confidence, and make life and business more effortless through utilizing his signature REBEL framework

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The Million Dollar Life Giving Business Formula: How To Uncover Your Uniqueness and Build a 7-Figure Boutique Brand Without Burning Out

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