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Find Yourself By Not Following The Crowd



I believe the secret to a fulfilling life is to figure out who you are, what dreams light you up, what you care deeply about, and then unashamedly live as your truest, most authentic self in spite of what everyone around you is doing or saying. That's what my new book Rebel will help you do!





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The REBEL Masterclass with Graham Cochrane & Jon Gordon


Reading the book is one thing, but learning directly from the author himself is another. Join Graham in this masterclass as he dives into the “why” behind the book, goes concept-by-concept and shares key insights and bonus tips to help you achieve your dreams using the Rebel framework. This training directly complements the book and will be unlocked immediately, which means you can start designing your life now. 

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The REBEL Journal


As you’re reading Rebel: Find Yourself by Not Following The Crowd, you’re going to immediately be inspired to put what you’re learning into action – and we can help! Graham Cochrane has put together a customized step-by-step study guide with detailed exercises, thought-provoking prompts, helpful checklists, and practical tools to help you implement these concepts faster. This study guide is also the perfect companion for you to lead a book club with your friends or colleagues. 

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Exclusive Access to the REBEL Community 


Unlock exclusive access to a community of like-minded individuals that are serious about applying the REBEL framework. This will be your go-to spot for bonus insights from the book, the lessons learned from others, and even direct feedback from Graham on your questions about achieving your dreams. Community members also get first-access to virtual weekly trainings! 

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30 Day REBEL Challenge 

Embark on a 4-week step by step plan to discover your true identity and step into your life’s purpose. The 30 Day REBEL Challenge includes  daily encouraging emails filled with helpful resources, exercises, and motivation to keep moving on your rebel journey. Think of this as a month of virtual coaching from Graham inside your inbox. This challenge is go at your own pace and can be started whenever you're ready!

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“If you’ve ever felt stuck, frustrated, or disappointed by how life has turned out so far, this book will give you the clarity, confidence, and inspiration to live your one precious life authentically and uniquely to the fullest.”

Jon Gordon - Fifteen-time bestselling author of The Energy Bus and The One Truth

"My favorite thing about Graham is that he lives what he teaches! There's no fluff, just real insight for real people. Inside this book, you'll find advice that is encouraging, approachable, and inspiring."

Jon Acuff - New York Times Bestselling Author of All it Takes is a Goal

“Just brilliant! We need more REBELs in the world, and this book gives you the exact framework to uncover your uniqueness and live life your way. You were not meant to fit in a box, Graham shows you exactly how to emerge from it.”

Dr. Neeta Bhushan - Author of That Sucked. Now What? And Host of The Brave Table Podcast

“Rebel inspires you to embrace your truest self, talents, creativity, and joy in a world that may resist your authenticity.” 

Dan Martell - Wall Street Journal bestselling author of Buy Back Your Time


If you’re unsatisfied with how your life turned out, you’re not alone—and it’s not too late to create the life you want and deserve. All you have to do is be a rebel. 

That doesn’t just mean going against the norm; being a rebel is about giving the world your truest self, complete with all your talents, creativity, and joy. 

Most of us are living a life crafted by other people: family, social media, societal expectations, etc. We’ve conformed to the patterns of everyone around us without even meaning to. Maybe we’re stuck in a soulless job, struggling to grow an energy-sucking business, or missing that spark in our relationships.  

Author and podcast host Graham Cochrane shows you how to truly create YOUR life of freedom, joy, and meaning—on your terms, not someone else’s.  

In Rebel, he’ll show you exactly how to make this shift via the simple five-part REBEL framework that will show you how to create the life you’ve always wanted. Readers will learn how to: 

  • - Wake up from the world’s sleepy autopilot way of living  
  • - Figure out what your dreams really are (or perhaps dream for the first time) 
  • - Dismantle harmful mental scripts and limiting beliefs that have kept you stuck (potentially for years) 
  • - Determine what your ideal life looks like (in your work, business, relationships, finances, health)--and chart a path to get there 
  • - Stick to a set of values as you navigate the big decisions in life 
  • - Leave behind a legacy that others will want to emulate 

It takes courage to create the life, the business, the family that you want, but the rewards are worth it. 


Chapter 1 - The One Mental Shift That Changes Everything

Chapter 2 - The Invisible Force Holding You Back

Chapter 3 - Dreaming Is The Most Rebellious Thing You Could Do

Chapter 4 - The Best Years of Your Life Framework

Chapter 5 - Reprogram Your Mind With The Inner Story Audit

Chapter 6 - The Life Change Formula: Believe, Think, Feel, Do

Chapter 7 - The Final Hurdles To Living The Rebel Lifestyle

Chapter 8 - The Surprisingly Simple Way To Find Your Life's Purpose


Graham Cochrane is a 7 figure entrepreneur, TEDx and keynote speaker, and bestselling author of How To Get Paid For What You Know and Rebel: Find Yourself by Not Following The Crowd.  

He is the host of The Graham Cochrane Show, a top .5% ranked podcast globally, where each week he helps people create more money, margin, and meaning in their lives. With over 14 years of online coaching and content experience, 700,000 YouTube subscribers across his channels, and having built multiple 7 figure businesses that require less than 5 hours of work per week to run, Graham is a leading voice in the life-giving business movement.  

His insights have been regularly featured in national media outlets like Forbes, CNBC and Business Insider.  

As a coach and dynamic keynote speaker he can help any success-oriented person who feels stuck, exhausted, or disappointed, leverage their true identity to experience clarity, confidence, and make life and business more effortless through utilizing his signature REBEL framework.