What if I told you that your refund policy could determine how many sales you get and how your brand is perceived in the marketplace?

Today I want to address the concept of “risk transfer” and how it is a powerful tool you can use to increase revenue, delight customers, and give you a competitive edge in your niche.

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2 thoughts on “Refund Policies and Risk Transfer”

  1. Thanks Graham, another must-see video, great info and a mindset shifter. I wasn’t sure about to what extent you should fully let people for just any reason at any point refund, but the second part of the video makes it clear and sounds convincing and rooted in experience.

    I get it also makes sense in the light of statistics, meaning you can be assured that most people won’t want to refund, so your risk transfer pays off anyway and results in happier customers that speak or think well of your business.

    Important point at 30:34 considering how your customers feel about asking for a refund.

    Focusing on your customers, yes, the key thing you often underline and that one as a business owner must be reminded of over and over again.
    Thanks, I enjoy your videos and educational content both here and on Recording Revolution too.

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