So you want to start a business – but you’re just not sure what business to start?

Here’s some advice: don’t just go with the first idea that pops in your head.

Also, don’t just go with your favorite idea (assuming you have a few).

Neither of those approaches will guarantee that people will want to buy what you have to sell. They are just guesses – stabs in the dark.

What you want to do instead is test your idea – validate your idea. You want PROOF that it will work BEFORE you put in the work! Follow me?

Now there are a bunch of ways to test your business idea, but today let me show you my favorite. It’s a simple 2 question method that anyone can implement.

Once you’ve followed these steps you will know that your idea is either a good one (green light to begin working on it) or a bad one (red light – time to find a new idea).

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4 thoughts on “Testing Your Business Idea (The 2 Question Method)”

  1. That was a really good video. It is so true about figuring out what will be profitable vs. not. Obviously, I love passion and having a big Why. But when it isn’t profitable it falls on deaf ears. This will help a ton of people to meet their passions and opportunities in the middle.

    Keep up the great work.

  2. How simple and how important. Instead of guessing what your customers may need, ask them what they actually need. Much better to decide what to do before you invest time and energy. Thanks Graham for the reminder.

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