Having a great product or service is not enough to get your business to the income level you want.

What you need is a great product or service paired with strategic marketing – because marketing is how you get people to notice what you have to offer and care enough to want to buy it.

Most people however get marketing completely wrong, or they over complicate things.

So let me simplify things for you by boiling all of marketing down to these four words: “Nobody cares about you”

Oh no you didnt!

Sound harsh? It’s true though.

And once you embrace it, you’ll be able to better sell your products or service. Here’s how…

Look Outward Not Inward

You see the biggest issue most business owners have is that they are too focused on themselves.

They are constantly looking inward:

What do I need from this business?

What are my goals?

Am I successful or not?

And rarely are they looking outward at their audience and asking the opposite questions:

What do THEY need?

What are THEIR goals?

What does success look like for THEM and how can I help them achieve it?

As human beings we have limited cognition or brain power so if we use it up on ourselves (looking inward) there will be little left over to look outward.

And ironically the only way to get what we want (inward) is to help others get what THEY want (outward).

And the only way to give people what they want is to KNOW what they want in the first place.

And the first step to knowing what your audience wants and to get inside their heads is to realize that “nobody cares about you” – they care about themselves.

And you should too!

This takes less talking and more listening.

Here are three ways you can try and “listen” to your audience regularly:

  1. An autoresponder email that asks how you can best help them,
  2. Jump on social media to ask what their biggest frustration is right now,
  3. Type into Google or YouTube keywords to see what people are searching for.

Learning what people actually want from Google

For example if I type in “How to lose weight” in Google I instantly learn that people want to lose weight quickly (in 2 weeks or less!) and they want to lose weight in their face.

If I type that into YouTube I learn that people want to lose weight without exercise.

Who could actually be that lazy?! (*sheepishly raises hand*)

People Care About Benefits Not Features

Now that you’re training yourself to look outward and not inward, here are two ways we can apply these four words “Nobody cares about you” to your marketing specifically.

There are two things that your audience DOES care about when it comes to your products and services, and the first is this: benefits over features.

We as product and service developers create marketing and sales copy that is focused on features (what we think is important) and yet no one in the history of the world has purchased anything based on features.

We might JUSTIFY our purchase later based on features but we buy for the benefits we will gain from that product or service.

Here are some examples of benefits vs features:

No one wants to buy a DVD or a meal plan.

Instead they want to buy no-fail, step by step weight loss in a specific period of time and they don’t want to have to think about what to eat.

They want it done for them!

Here’s another example, from a real company that I employ for my pool:

I don’t care what they do to my pool!

Instead I care what their service allows ME to do – just chillax in my pool every weekend without having to maintain the darn thing!

Learn to distill what the true benefits of your product or service are (as viewed by your customer) then highlight those benefits prominently in all of your sales and marketing materials.

People Care About Solutions Not Credentials

The second thing your audience cares about is solutions.

This is similar to benefits but the difference is important as it relates to you and your fear of not being credible enough.

That’s right, I’m calling you (and me) out on one of the biggest roadblocks to selling lots of product and that is fear that we aren’t credible enough to charge.

But people don’t pay for credentials – they pay for solutions to their problems.

In fact, getting people results is the ONLY credential most people do care about.

So if your product or service gets people results, who cares what credentials you may or may not have. Your customers sure don’t!

If you run a freelance photography business for example, then your portfolio of pictures is your proof of results.

A potential customer can look at your images and immediately know if you can deliver what they like or not.

If you have a product based business then testimonials are your proof of results. 

If some of your students get great results from your free material or a paid product then post those testimonials everywhere as proof that your product can solve their problems!

You don’t have to be the best to charge – you just have to deliver results!

What Are Your Two Biggest Benefits?

If you want to sell more product or services and grow your income then you need good marketing.

And good marketing comes down to one thing: realizing that nobody cares about you – they care about themselves.

If you understand that, then you can create more compelling sales copy and marketing materials focused on them and the the benefits and solutions your product or service offers.

Now I have a piece of homework for you: I want you to leave a comment below and tell me what are the two biggest benefits of your core product or service.

Not features, just benefits!

Let me know in a comment below what those two primary benefits are. And if you get stuck I’ll try to help you out!

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12 thoughts on “The 4 Most Important Words In Marketing”

  1. Hey Graham,

    I work on a digital product for parents called 22:6 Parenting. I’d love to know if these benefits could be communicated better

    I would say the two biggest benefits are:

    1. practical, step-by-step instructions for connecting with your kids and teaching them about Jesus

    2. community of other parents that provide built-in accountability, encouragement, and answers in real time

    1. Hey Adam – I like those benefits, but I think you could refine them to be even better.

      For the first one – can you describe what it would FEEL like to a parent if it were easy to connect with their kids and teach them about Jesus?

      For the second one, what is the benefit of accountability and encouragement in this area? What does that FEEL like and how is it better than their current situation?

      1. This is great! Thank you for the feedback!

        For the first, I think parents would feel more confident, they would feel more intentional with their time, and they would probably feel a certain amount of freedom from worry or thoughts like, “am I enough?/do I have what it takes?”

        For the second, I think they would feel like they’re not alone. From what I’ve heard—I’m not a parent yet ;)—parenting can be a lonely, humbling endeavor in the 21st century, so when you feel like you’re apart of a community, maybe there’s a certain peace that you’re in it together with others?

  2. Hey Graham, I am a gospel music producer/studio and session bass player.
    I’m not sure how to articulate the benefits.
    1. Send me your track and I’ll send you a funky, cool, smooth bass line for your song with a 1 day turn around
    2. Get your song produced without breaking the bank.

  3. Hey Graham, the two biggest benefits of my business are
    1. The ability to turn your simple/rough lyrics and melody tracks into fully produced radio ready songs and
    2. The opportunity for constant feedback on the results so your songs turn out just the way you want them to.

  4. Hi there. My name is Megan, and I am a voice coach. Two benefits of working with me are:

    1) Developing confidence in whatever arena of performance in which you are working


    2) Gaining clarity in what your voice is built to do most efficiently.

    1. Can you break those benefits down even simpler – to what people actually SAY they want? I don’t know, but I can’t imagine many singers say “I want to gain clarity in what my voice is build to do most efficiently.” Ask people what they want. Maybe they will say something like “I want my voice to not give out so easily” or “I want to be able to hit higher notes or have more breath support”.

  5. Hi Graham,

    Thanks for sharing another helpful article! Definitely beneficial and provides a different perspective on marketing.

    I’m a voice-over artist and mix engineer. My current tagline is: “Helping artists make art.”

    I kinda struggle with the benefits thing, but here’s my attempt at it.

    1. Provides professional quality VO recordings that help clearly communicate your message.
    2. Edit and mix your so you can focus more on making great art.

    Thanks again for all your help!

    1. It might be worth thinking about branding yourself primarily as a VO artist or a mix engineer. Hard to be both and communicate benefits clearly.

      1. Jamiel Cal-Pin

        Gotcha. That makes sense. Thanks for getting back to me!

        Would it be more effective to push one as a primary brand, and let the other be a secondary that’s mentioned “in passing”?

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