Today I’m going to give you a pathway to earning different (and better) types of income.

This pathway will help you not only earn more money but work less as well.

One of my favorite books of all time is Robert Kiyosaki’s follow up to Rich Dad Poor Dad – a book called The Cashflow Quadrant.

The Cashflow Quadrant shows how there are really only 4 ways we can make money. Two of them are taxed at the highest rates and require the most effort.

The other two ways are taxed the least and require far less effort. These are the two ways I try to make a living and I would encourage you to do the same as well.

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1 thought on “The CashFlow Quadrant: The Path To Earn More While Working Less”

  1. Love this! Thanks so much, Graham. And YES, please do a podcast/video on personal finance for business owners. Wondering if you are aware of/involved in the FIRE (Financial Independence, Retire Early) movement at all?

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