Do you feel like there’s not enough time to get everything done at work?

Do you constantly feel behind in your business and find yourself literally running to the bathroom and back again (just me?!)

Most business owners feel like their days are a blur and they can’t seem to wrap their heads around the problem.

And while there are many strategies you could employ to stop the crazy train and be more productive, I want to share with you the simplest and most powerful thing you could do.

I call it the Upside Down Work Day and it couldn’t be easier to understand.

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17 thoughts on “The Upside Down Work Day (Productivity Hack)”

  1. Stanley A Spottswood

    Sooooooo good! I love the point about prioritizing your BIG THREE mission critical tasks. Makes complete sense.

  2. Yes. I feel constantly behind and frustrated and a good percentage of it has to do with being bossed around by EMAIL. I have to try this.

  3. YES! My business changed when I started writing down my 3 most important tasks for tomorrow and prioritizing my #1 task first thing each day.

    One thing that helped me is actually leaving my phone in a separate room before I go to sleep each night. This helps me unplug and avoid the email / FB rabbit hole when I’m most vulnerable to it.

    Thanks for the great video and reminder Graham!

  4. The pressure is real!

    Thanks for the reminder 🙂 I love starting my days with most important tasks, and definitely feel more accomplished when doing so.

    And, your right! It takes less time to accomplish those tasks, and they are held to higher standards, when done first thing. After all, it is the most important mission critical next step for the bizz…

    I constantly have to remind myself that Nobody Cares if I get back to them or their emails in the morning, or even the afternoon. I can take care of what matters most, then deal with the rest later.


  5. THIS!!!!!

    I have always struggled with feeling like I am getting nothing fully finished day by day because email has been a full time job. I am a person who loves learning and implementing new ways to run my business more efficiently. Thank you! I am on it!

  6. Genius! Starting tonight with my first 3 tasks for tomorrow.
    It’s like you read my mind. I always waste 30 minutes to an hour just catching up and responding, and that’s not even doing the new email tasks themselves!
    Definitely thanks for sharing! 🙂

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