There’s wisdom to growing your business small and growing it slowly.

Yet “small” and “slow” are two words that we do not like to use in America.

Instead we prefer big growth or big profits for a big company or a big impact. And we want it fast, immediately, ASAP!

To say that your goal is to grow a small but profitable business and to grow it slowly but surely over years and years sounds foolish in today’s landscape.

But perhaps this is a better and wiser goal as it leads to peace, longevity, and contentment.

Here are three benefits of growing slow and small!

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10 thoughts on “The Wisdom Of Growing Small And Slow”

  1. Good topic Graham. I started my business in Jan and had all kinds of expectations. In fact what I’ve accomplished in 10 months now is researching and figuring out exactly what the constellation of activities I want to involve myself in and which ones will be revenue generators and which ones are really a marketing or cred building activity. I haven’t made much money at all yet. But I feel like I’ve accomplished a huge thing because I’ve really dug into it.

  2. Very wise words. I definitely agree on the ‘desperate makes dumb decisions’. Been there. Slower constancy is definitely the key. (Having a financial buffer is a distinct advantage to making less dumb decisions).

  3. Thank you Graham, there’s gold in these words. I think my heart rate went down and my stress level dissolved by the time I got to the end of the video 🙂
    Definitely an idea to take to heart.

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