There are two ways to look at other businesses or brands in your niche who do virtually the same thing you do:

  1. They are your competitors
  2. They are your collaborators

You get to decide which one they are.

Today I want to break down this second view and show you a paradigm shift for doing business – one in which you have no competition, just collaborators.

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2 thoughts on “You Don’t Have Competition, Just Collaborators”

  1. Thanks Graham for sharing! Instantly thought of some people I could contact and potentially collaborate. How do you go about doing the affiliate thing technically? Is there some software you could use in WordPress for example? I googled but I’m wondering what your advice would be. Thanks a bunch, Ben

    1. All of my products are in Kajabi and they do affiliate selling baked in. There are other tools though that you can look into.

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