I help online business owners create more money, margin, and meaning in their lives

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I help online business owners create more money, margin, and meaning in their lives

Get started by attending my Million Dollar Life Giving Business Formula on demand training for free

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We all want a life of fulfillment, significance and impact. 


But the vast majority of us feel stuck, disappointed, and too exhausted to do anything about it.


Which is why so many business owners and high achievers today are giving up on the idea of pursuing joy, purpose, and freedom in their work. For many of us, we are struggling with lives where we:

  • Have to choose between time for work/business and time for family and self care
  • Are too busy to do the deep reflective work to understand who "the real us" even is and what our purpose is
  • Or sometimes even become successful at something we no longer love (or never did in the first place) and feel trapped because the money is good and we are "known" for that thing.

Meet Graham Cochrane

Graham has spent the last 6 years helping business owners discover consistent predictable strategies that can be used to uncover their uniqueness, make more money, and even cut their work hours in half. 

Going from losing two jobs in the Great Recession and being on food stamps for 18 months to building multiple 7 figure businesses that require only 5 hours a week to run, Graham has become a leading voice and coach in uncovering your uniqueness and building a life-giving business.

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Checkout my podcast: The Graham Cochrane Show

Join me every Tuesday on my Top .5% ranked globally podcast The Graham Cochrane Show where each week I help you step into your true identity and leverage your uniqueness to create more money, margin, and meaning in your life! Available wherever you listen to podcasts.

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How Graham Can Help You:

Private Coaching

Let Graham personally work with you to uncover your uniqueness and leverage it for more significance and satisfaction in your life and business.

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A Message From Graham

I believe with all my heart that you matter. Your dreams matter. You were designed for a purpose and are meant to live a life of significance, impact, and joy. I've lived too much of my life trying to figure out who the heck I am and what I was born to do. I've had one identity crisis after another trying to be who everyone wanted me to be or who I thought I "should" be.

But I've discovered that the secret to a fulfilling life is to figure out who you are, what dreams light you up, what you care deeply about, and then unashamedly live as your truest, most authentic self in spite of what everyone around you is doing or saying. In both life and business I believe that the key to success, satisfaction, and service to others can be summed up in just four words: Do it your way. And I can help you do just that!


About Graham Cochrane

Graham Cochrane is a 7 figure entrepreneur, TEDx and keynote speaker, and bestselling author of How To Get Paid For What You Know and Rebel: Find Yourself by Not Following The Crowd (2024). 

He is the host of The Graham Cochrane Show, a top .5% ranked podcast globally, where each week he helps people create more money, margin, and meaning in their lives. With over 14 years of online coaching and content experience, 700,000 YouTube subscribers across his channels, and having built multiple 7 figure businesses that require less than 5 hours of work per week to run, Graham is a leading voice in the life-giving business movement. 

His insights have been regularly featured in national media outlets like Forbes, CNBC and Business Insider. 

As a coach and dynamic keynote speaker he can help any success-oriented person who feels stuck, exhausted, or disappointed, leverage their true identity to experience clarity, confidence, and make life and business more effortless through utilizing his signature REBEL framework