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The Graham Cochrane Show

The Graham Cochrane Show

Hosted by: Graham Cochrane

Are you ready to build an online business you love, work less, and live and give more to the things and people you care about? Each week Graham Cochrane reveals his best tips, strategies, and mindsets that helped him...

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The Key To A Successful Business That Most People Forget About | 171

So all my students want a successful business, whatever successful means to them. Whether that's six figures a year, seven figures a year, or if that just means having raving fans or products that you feel really good...
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Is Email Going To Shut Down? - What Social Media Platforms Don't Want You To Know | 170

The very first email was allegedly sent in 1971. And today, so many business owners think that in a few years, email is going to be a thing of the past. Like we will literally not be using email any more. And so...
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3 Simple Paths To Six Figures | 169

One of the biggest goals people have with their online business is making $100,000 a year or more, wanting to hit that six figure a year income threshold. It's a great goal to have and it opens up a lot of dream like...
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My MUST HAVE Launch Review Formula | 168

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: Your first launch of a product, meaning the first time you bring it to market, is NOT the end all be all of that product. It is just that: the first launch. It will either...
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Affiliate Marketing: How I Made Over 2 Million Dollars | 167

Affiliate marketing is a great tool to scale your online business. It can be a great addition to your current product suite and it as easily scalable product, since the product research, development and...
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How The Coming Recession Could Crush Your Business (And How You Can Prevent It!) | 166

Everybody online is talking about whether we are entering into a recession here in the US and globally. It's been the talk of the town for months, if not a couple of years now. And we might already be in a recession...
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The Ugly Truth About Launching New Products | 165

When you're running an online business, there are generally only two levers to pull. When it comes to selling your products, you're either a launching products or you have products selling in an evergreen fashion...
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I'm Leaving My Business For a Month. Here's Why... | 164

So in about a week, I'm going to step away from my business for an entire month. That's right. I'm leaving my business, taking a month long sabbatical for the month of July. And today I thought I'd bring you in on...
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How To Grow Your Small Online Business FAST | 163

How can you grow your small online business fast? Everybody asks me: Graham, how can I grow this thing faster?Usually try to break it to them slowly that, hey that’s not really how this thing works. I get that there's...
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Finding Your Unique Voice In Your Market - Interview With Alan Henry

We're living in an attention economy. You and I need to get attention on the things that we're doing in order to get our ideas out there in the world, to get people to buy our products or hire us for our...
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Online Business Strategies I Quit Using | 162

Newsflash friend! You don't have to do every single business strategy that you see other people doing. In fact, there are a ton of strategies that I see people doing that are popular, flashy and trendy - that I just...
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7 Bad Habits That Will Destroy Your Online Business | 161

Many people believe that online business success is simply derived from using the right tactics and the right strategies. But I believe that is a false perception. There might be some truth to using strategies that...
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