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The Graham Cochrane Show

The Graham Cochrane Show

Hosted by: Graham Cochrane

Are you ready to build an online business you love, work less, and live and give more to the things and people you care about? Each week Graham Cochrane reveals his best tips, strategies, and mindsets that helped him...

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Billionaire Secrets for Building Wealth w/ Jim Dew

Do you have a plan for what to do with your money? If you’re like most people, you’ve probably thought about that question briefly (unless if you’re a personal finance nerd like me). As entrepreneurs, we often spend...
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How to know if you're on the wrong path (and how to fix it)

How do you know whether or not you’re on the wrong path? This is a very important question and one that not many people consider before they embark on the road to success. But not taking a second to be thoughtful...
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Copywriting Masterclass: Neville Medhora Reveals His Secrets for Blowing Up Businesses Overnight

If you want to grow your business, the #1 skill you must learn is copywriting. Having the ability to persuade your audience like a pro is truly a game changer. And it’s one area you definitely should be taking...
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Why Chasing "More" Can Ruin Your Success (& what to do instead)

Have you ever considered when your pursuit of “more” will end? Whether it's more money, more freedom, or more opportunities, many entrepreneurs find themselves driven by an insatiable ambition. But if you’re not...
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Stop Overthinking and Make the Right Decision Every Time w/ Abby Davisson

Making the wrong decision on important matters can cost you dearly in life. Let’s be honest, most of us don’t have a framework to help us navigate life’s big decisions. But relying on just your head or your heart when...
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The 4 Entrepreneur Types (and Their Dark Side)

One of the biggest myths about entrepreneurs is that we’re all the same. It’s assumed that we all have the same skill set, focus, and even the same motivations. But the problem with this mentality is that it can lead...
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How To Create Transformational Online Courses - with Jasmine Jonte

Creating an online course is one of the most powerful things you could do for your business to create passive scalable income. You do the work once, you build an audience and a lead generation machine and then that...
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3 Businesses You Can Start This Year

What business can I start this year? How do I come up with my business idea? Is it possible for me to start a business this year? These are the questions I get all the time and here's the good news. There's never been...
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Breaking through Limiting Beliefs: A Mindset Coach's Story - with Cliff Ravenscraft

If you plan on being an entrepreneur for the long haul, you're going to have to pivot at some point in some way. Pivoting doesn't have to be something to be feared. A lot of times there's an identity crisis and maybe...
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Are You in Your Business for the Right Reasons?

Are you in your business for the right reasons? Do you have overarching principles that guide your every decision and every task you embark on in your business? If not, it's okay. I didn't have those when I started,...
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Confessions of a 7-figure Business Owner: What Happens When You Reach All Your Goals?

Today, I want to make a confession, actually a few confessions.I want to do another episode taking you behind the scenes into my journey as a business owner and share a little bit of the realities of my...
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Hiring The Right People To Scale Your Business - with Jordan Raynor

Building a business is actually a lot of fun when you're starting out and you're just doing all the things that you like. But as you continue to grow, there comes a time when you realize there are things in your...
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