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13 Simple Steps To Reach $100K

I've said it a million times, and I'll say it a million times more: reaching six figures is not hard. You need the right components in place coupled with discipline and a whole lot of patience. Although reaching six figures can take a lot of time, it doesn't make the work you need to put in any harder.

One who understands all this on an expert level is my student Antoine Michaud, who is in my Six-figure coaching community (6FC). He recently reached six figures in his business and is doing 12k months on a consistent basis. To commemorate this massive achievement and to help others in our community to do the same, he posted a brilliant list of 13 steps he took that helped him reach these phenomenal numbers.

Here's what Antoine says:

"When I first joined 6FC, I was averaging 2k-3k/months, but I was confident that I could take it to the next level by applying what Graham was teaching in the masterclasses. But mostly, I knew I could achieve a lot just by staying the course with my content marketing strategy. None of these 13 steps alone have made an incredible impact to reach six-figure. It's rather the added benefits of a little bit of all of them that made a big difference for me!

4 years ago, I was just another guy playing guitar on YouTube with way too much reverb :-) who knew this could lead to a highly profitable and highly fulfilling business?" 

So in today's episode, I wanted to dive into these 13 steps and dissect the thoughts behind each one. Here's to six figures and beyond!

In this video you’ll learn:

  • The power of small incremental adjustments made over a long period of time

  • 3 counter-intuitive ideas that make all the difference in reaching six figures

  • Why simplification actually is the secret sauce in scaling your business

Hope you enjoy!


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