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3 Rules for Writing Email Subject Lines That Get Opened

If you want your online business to grow you need people to actually open your emails and click on your stuff. Brilliant insight, I know.

But here's the thing, too many people spend all their effort crafting a (hopefully) powerful email that converts only to whip up a subject line at the last minute with little to thought or careful consideration.

What you end up with is email subject lines like this one: "Better Body Bootcamp Announcement 1"

Whaaaaaaa??!! 😱

Yeah, that was an actual subject line I saw (product name has been changed).

Would you open that email?! At best it's a "maybe". And that my friend isn't good enough.

Today I want to share with you 3 rules for writing email subject lines that actually get people to want to open your emails. In this video I break down:

  1. The two core types of email subject lines that work every time

  2. What tone of subject line that will separate you from every other person promoting in people's inbox

  3. How to promote your products without having to "promote" your products

Here's to writing better subject lines that actually make people click!

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