3 Simple Paths To Six Figures

One of the biggest goals people have with their online business is making $100,000 a year or more, wanting to hit that six figure a year income threshold. It's a great goal to have and it opens up a lot of dream like lifestyle opportunities. But for many, the $100,000 a year goal is just that - a dream.

I think one of the problems people have with visualizing and actualizing such a goal, is that many people think there's only one way to reach a hundred thousand dollars a year in your business and for the online business space. Usually we think that the and only way to reach that goal is selling digital products. I'm a huge fan of digital products, but they're actually multiple path to reach six figures - and these paths are simple to follow!

In today's episode, I want to break down the three most proven paths to reaching that six figure a year income, break down the math and inspire you with some tips and tricks for each one of those.
My hope is that you'll view this as a choose your own adventure book! Choose the path that seems most likely, most probable, most exciting to you because there isn't just one way to reach your income goals.There are multiple ways and we'll break down the three most powerful ones today!

In this episode you'll learn:

- The three most proven ways to reach six figures a year in business income
- How a simple path to six figures can be immensely powerful and effective
- How you can scale and double down on the things that are working in your business

Hope you enjoy!
- Graham

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