Affiliate Marketing: How I Made Over 2 Million Dollars

Affiliate marketing is a great tool to scale your online business. It can be a great addition to your current product suite and it as easily scalable product, since the product research, development and distribution has already been taken care of.

I've personally made over $2 million selling other people's stuff, which is basically what affiliate marketing is. And so in today's episode, what I want to do is pull back the curtain on the things I have promoted for affiliate marketing, that got me to $2 million. We're going to talk about how affiliate marketing works and my recommendations for creating the best affiliate marketing plan that is guaranteed to put money in your pocket.

I'll also share some of my favorite tips and tricks when it comes to affiliate marketing, as well as things that I regret doing and mistakes I've made, so that you can avoid them and keeps things ultra profitable. After watching this episode you'll know how to integrate affiliate marketing into your overall online business strategy to not only scale your income, but help you get more passive income. Let's do this!

In this episode you'll learn:

  • What affiliate marketing is, how it works and how to setup your affiliate marketing the best way possible
  • How I've made over $2 million dollars in passive income using affiliate marketing 
  • My personal recommendations for speeding up your success with affiliate marketing and scaling your income the best way possible

Hope you enjoy!
- Graham

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