Become a MASTER communicator w/ Christy Wright

More people are afraid of public speaking than dying...

Did you know that's actually true? It's like most people have this primal fear of getting up in front of people, talking, and things not going well.

But the thing is, even if you're terrified of speaking in public, it's one of the best skills you can learn on your entrepreneurial journey. Being able to communicate effectively, whether on stage, online, or in person, impacts your business more than almost any other activity.

Those who do this at a high level play the business game on easy mode. While people who struggle with this aspect routinely find themselves hitting roadblocks.

That's why I decided to bring on Christy Wright for today's episode. Christy is a master public speaker and helps entrepreneurs communicate their message more effectively. So if you want to learn the most important skill of entrepreneurship, make sure to give this episode a watch.

In this episode you'll learn:

  • Christy's secrets for mastering communication.
  • How to improve you communication on any platform.
  • The biggest mistakes speakers make.
  • And much, much more!

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