Don't Feel Like Making Content? Do THIS!

When it comes to online business, I am a huge advocate of working less (which you probably know by now I've you've been paying attention). At one point in time, I was very protective of the tasks and routines I had that made up my business, but nowadays I make an effort to scale down the work I do each year.

Many of the things I eliminate or delegate are things that I don't need to do or things I don't really want to do. But with each year that this refining process takes place, there is always one thing that stays the same. One thing that I've always done and will continue to do, probably till the end of my days. What is that thing? Content.

Content is the main driver of your business. If you and I stop making content, our businesses will eventually cease to make money. So in today's episode, I want to give you a straight answer (and maybe a kick in the pants) when it comes to creating content. (Hint: You can't stop making it! EVER!)

In this video you’ll learn:

  1. What the number one rule of running an online business is

  2. The two hats or roles you take on every single day in your business and what they mean for your content creation

  3. How an intense disagreement with my wife led me to create one of my best pieces of content yet and what you can learn from that story

Hope you enjoy!

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