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Elon Musk Says Work Every Waking Hour

There’s this “motivational” video on YouTube that’s a compilation of Elon Musk interviews (billionaire founder of Tesla and Space X) called WORK EVERY WAKING HOUR.

In it Musk actually shares some fascinating thoughts that I found very inspiring indeed - but I was intrigued to hear what this “work every waking hour” thing was really about.

About halfway through the video, it cuts to an interview where Musk says the following: 

“When my brother and I were starting our first company, instead of renting an apartment we rented a small office and slept on the couch and we showered at the YMCA.

We had one computer, so the website was up during the day and I was coding at night. 7 days a week. All the time. I briefly had a girlfriend at that time and in order to be with me, she had to sleep at the office.

Work hard. Every waking hour. That’s the thing I would say, particularly if you’re starting a company”

Wow! We have a lot to discuss...

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