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Here's Why You're NOT Launching Your Online Course

Way back in 2010, I launched my very first online course. It didn't make me much money, but it changed the course, (no pun intended) of my life forever. I'm a humongous fan of online courses as are many people. And it seems like everyone and their mom is looking into launching an online course, these days. But the harsh reality is that most likely, everyone and their mom will not launch an online course.

Even the most active people snooping around on the internet, will not actually launch. Why is this? What is the reason behind draggin a launch for weeks, months or even years. There's actually four reasons why most people, even the ones who are most researched and most interested and most likely to launch - won't actually launch.

In today’s episode I want to break down these four reasons of why most people won't launch an online course and help you actually launch your course this year. My goal is to give you that swift kick in the pants to take action in 2022 and beyond, because launching that first online course could definitely change the course of your life forever!

In this video you’ll learn:

  • Why launching a course is so much more than just putting in the work

  • What limiting beliefs you probably have (because I have them too) that are keeping you from actually launching

  • What you need to do in 2022, to finally launch and change the course of your life!

Hope you enjoy!
- Graham

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