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How To Find Your Most Profitable Business Idea

Whether you realize it or not, you already have the knowledge, passion, and skills to create an automated income stream that requires no college degree, zero employees, and less than fifty dollars to get started.

But in the sea of great ideas that we all might have, how do we find the one that is actually profitable? And what do we do once we have that idea? How do we turn on the profit generating machine?

Today I want to guide you through one of the first chapters of my upcoming book 'How To Get Paid For What You Know' (drops March 22nd). This chapter is all about finding your profitable idea using what I call 'The Three-Part Profitability Framework'. After this episode, you'll know what your profitable idea really is and what the next step is for your business to ensure it becomes a success.

In this episode you'll learn:
- The step by step process to finding and validating your most profitable idea
- Why following your passion, could actually be the wrong way to go
- How the three part profitability framework can help you maximize your revenue for your business

Hope you enjoy!
- Graham

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