How To Make Your Online Course Evergreen

If you've launched your online course and are trying to find out how to turn it into an automated income stream then today's video is for you.

Evergreen online course sales are the backbone of a healthy online business. Why? Two reasons:

  1. They create dependable, predictable income

  2. They allow you to work less and earn more

But HOW you turn an online course into a perennial seller as an evergreen course is critical.

Today I want to share with you the three components you need in place to create evergreen income from your course, including:

  1. How to time your sales pitch to be most effective

  2. What to cover in your email funnel

  3. And how to maximize your evergreen course revenue without lifting a finger

Evergreen course sales are so foundational to the lifestyle I'm able to live and I bet they will be the same for you if you implement this material!

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