Is Email Going To Shut Down? - What Social Media Platforms Don't Want You To Know

The very first email was allegedly sent in 1971. And today, so many business owners think that in a few years, email is going to be a thing of the past. Like we will literally not be using email any more.

And so naturally, if you adopt this way of thinking, you would question why I talk about email and email marketing all the time. If this is a passing fad that will eventually transition away into something like just social media or whatever the next platform is, then why is Graham going on and on about email?

But the reality is that email not only is going to stick around for the long haul, but it will become the preferred communication channel even more than it is today, as it advances and creates more powerful ways to connect with your ideal customer. After this episode you’ll know the full power of email and why email is king, not only now, but in the future, let’s dive in!

In this episode you'll learn:

- What the fundamental dials of email are, that make it the best communications tool online
- What email advancements we're likely to see in the coming years, and why they will be a game changer
- What the main difference is between social media platforms and email, and why email is way more profitable for your online business

Hope you enjoy!
- Graham

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