Kickstart Your Year By Doing These 3 Crucial Things

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I'm hearing about a lot of uncertainty in the world. It's 2023. Either we are in a recession in the US or we will be one soon.People are tightening up their spending. You’ve seen all the headlines. There’s a lot of uncertainty coming from the public and the government as well. And so as business owners, the question we ask is how do we succeed and thrive in this context?

Every year is different. There's some principles that are always true in business but others require fine tuning to fit the current season we’re in. But there’s one foundational truth that always stands its ground no matter the circumstance: uncertainty and business always go together. And so we need to figure out how to create certainty (in the areas we actually have control over) in uncertain times.

Looking specifically at 2023, how can you and I, as content creators, coaches and online business owners - thrive this year in the middle of uncertainty? Here are three things that I am certain of will help you thrive and grow your business - even in uncertain times.

In this episode you'll learn:

  • Why uncertainty and business always go together
  • How to create certainty in the areas that you can control
  • How to kickstart this new year and create advantage for yourself and your business

          Hope you enjoy! - Graham

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