Myths About Marketing You Probably Believe

Marketing is something we all have a relationship with, whether we know it or not. We can all remember that warm and fuzzy feeling we got making a special purchase or interacting with a brand that went above and beyond for us.

But most people don't associate that kind of interaction with marketing. In fact, marketing for them is something completely different. Something that leaves a bad taste in your mouth and something you don't want to associate with, especially when you're running an online business.

This friction about what marketing is, calls for some myth-busting, which is exactly what we're going to look at today. I'm here to tell you that all those past warm and fuzzy interactions you've had with different brands is exactly what marketing is and what it should be. Let's look at what these myths are and come back to the heart of great marketing for our businesses.

In this video you’ll learn:

  • The five biggest myths of marketing and why you probably believe them
  • How these myths might have caused you to think and do things a bit differently in your business and how to break these mental scripts
  • The better and more truthful alternative to all these myths, that you can implement in your own business right now

Hope you enjoy!

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