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Online Business Strategies I Quit Using

Newsflash friend! You don't have to do every single business strategy that you see other people doing. In fact, there are a ton of strategies that I see people doing that are popular, flashy and trendy - that I just choose not to do.

And there are some business strategies, that I have done in the past but have moved away from. And so in today's episode, what I want to do as always is bring you behind the curtain, show you some decision-making that I've done in my strategies for growing my business, show you the strategies that I've stopped doing or don't do at all - in hopes that it might give you a little bit of freedom to make some decisions for yourself.

You get to decide what strategies make sense for you and your goals, and even the way you want to show up in your business. I want to give you a little bit of that insight today, because it's not just what you see people doing - it's WHY they are doing it or not doing it. That is the really insightful part for all of us. And I want to share that insight with you today, from my vantage point as a seven figure business owner.

In this episode you'll learn:

  • What flashy and trendy business strategies I stopped using, because of their inability to grow and scale my business
  • What my ultimate big goals are as a seven figure business owner, that lead me to cut ties with some of these strategies
  • How you can evaluate your business and make sure that you are hitting your goals and not wasting time on strategies that don't benefit you in any way

Hope you enjoy!
- Graham

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