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Online Courses: 4 Ways To Get Great Testimonials (Part 6 of 6)

Welcome to the final installment of my How To Build A Profitable Online Course video series!

If you’ve followed along then you know how to know exactly what course will sell, how to make it irresistible, how to film it for free, how to sell and distribute it automatically, and the three biggest mistakes to avoid when launching.

Now we need to talk about one final but critical component: testimonials.

If you want to do 6 figures or even 7 figures with your online courses, you need a system for getting as many powerful testimonials and success stories as possible.

Thanks to the “Amazon Effect” customers are more likely to buy a product online if there are positive reviews from real people.

How you want your potential customers to feel when they buy your course: confident!

And they are less likely to buy if they don’t see any reviews or testimonials at all.

Hence why killer testimonials are so coveted in online business.

Spoiler alert: the best way to get testimonials is to make sure your students get everything out of your course possible so they can get results.

Results lead to happy students, and happy students lead to great testimonials.

Let’s break down the 4 best ways to ensure your students get great results with your course and give you great testimonials to help sell your course even better in the future!


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