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Our Recession Plan: Giving MORE Away


How we give more during trying economic times...

So honestly, I don't wanna talk about the recession anymore.
It's all over the place and everyone's freaking out. I don't want to freak you out - I want to HELP you out. So today I'm going to do just that, by bringing on a special guest.

When it comes to the recession, I hear all the whispers, all the doubts, all the fears. And where most people talk about holding on to every cent you have - I'm going to go in the complete opposite direction. I'm going to bring on my wife Shay Cochrane, and talk to her in front of you about our recession plan - which centers around giving more away.

Shay is a multi six figure business owner in her own right, and know's a ton about this subject as we've navigated through times like these together before - while always keeping a focus on giving (even when we literally had zero to give!).

We have these conversations around the dinner table. So what we wanted to do was bring you basically into our dinnertime conversation, as we break down what we're doing in light of the coming economic turmoil and how giving relates to all of that - so that you can build a business focused on giving as well. All the details on why are in this episode. Let's dive in!

In this episode you'll learn:

- Why me and my wife think giving is the best mentality to have during trying economic times
- What financial strategies we are putting in place in order to give more
- How we think about giving from a business and spiritual perspective

Hope you enjoy!
- Graham

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