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Rich Dad Poor Dad: How To Escape The Rat Race

Do rich people know something that the poor and middle class don’t?

Do rich people do different things than the poor and middle class?

According to bestselling author Robert Kiyosaki the answer is “Yes!”

Famous for his personal finance book Rich Dad Poor Dad where he shares lessons he learned from both his “poor dad” (his real father who was well educated and always had a “good job” ) and his “rich dad” (his friend Mike’s dad who was a business owner and investor).

Now Kiyosaki has become a polarizing figure in the media and online over the past 20 years.

And while I don’t agree personally with all of his strategies and ideas, I think everyone should read Rich Dad Poor Dad, especially if you hope to have a successful business.

Why? Because in my opinion Rich Dad Poor Dad is not really a personal finance book – it’s a book about entrepreneurship and escaping what Kiyosaki calls “the rat race.”

Today I’m going to share with you the 3 golden nuggets of Rich Dad Poor Dad and help you apply them to your business. Let’s jump in!


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