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Should You Use Kajabi or Cheap Alternatives?

I recently got an email from Hannah and she asked a great question:

“Should I sign up for Kajabi now even though I’m not making any money or should I use cheap alternatives until I’m making enough to switch to Kajabi?”

Now – as an unapologetic Kajabi evangelist you know where I stand on Kajabi. It’s the absolute best platform to run your entire online business on.

I use it to run a million dollar a year business.

But it’s not the cheapest game in town.

If you’re starting out and don’t have a lot of money (or any money) coming in, does it still make sense for you to build your business on Kajabi?

I answer that question today.

Also – You can grab your 28 day free trial of Kajabi + the 28-day challenge training videos here.

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