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The $100 Startup: And The Dawn of Microbusiness


When you hear the word business or entrepreneurship, you might think of some tech startup with venture capital, cool offices, and a bunch of employees playing ping pong all day.

But there is a revolution happening.

One in which the trendy new businesses to start are simple, lean, one or two person operations that can get off the ground for as little as $50!

Best selling author Chris Guillebeau calls them “Microbusinesses” and we’re both big fans of the concept. In fact I run two microbusinesses and this is one of them!

Chris is the author of the book The $100 Startup and it’s a must read!

The subtitle of his book says it all: “Reinvent the way you make a living, Do what you love, and Create a new future.”

Today I want to break down what I think are the 3 golden nuggets from the book and help you apply them to your life and business.


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