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The Best Definition Of Success I’ve Ever Heard

How would you answer this question: Are you successful?

What thoughts immediately come to mind?

The answer largely depends on how you define success in the first place.

And that’s the crazy thing – success is such a fluid concept. It’s a moving target that isn’t clearly defined.

It’s like having to run a race with no clear and visible finish line. Or multiple finish lines depending on what lane you’re in. How confusing and frustrating!

Without knowing where the clear finish line is you can’t gage when you need to push harder or how to pace yourself.

Maybe success to you is a certain level of financial achievement, like earning six figures, or building a passive income stream.

Or perhaps it’s notoriety – being seen and viewed as having “made it”.

While those can be good goals, I personally think they are hollow definitions of success.

Today I have a better one for you – one that isn’t weak, nor is it a hard task master, demanding everything from you. It’s thoughtful, complete, and motivating.

But first a little confession...


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