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The Day I Almost Quit Everything

It's not that often I share personal stories of my own business journey. I can share examples from my own experience here and there in my teaching, but it's rare that I dive deep into just the personal stories in one whole episode.

Part of that relates to fear. Fear of not providing value and helping you move forward with your business. I want this podcast to be didactic and actionable, which can be hard to incorporate into a personal story.

But today I'm going to go against my usual approach and share a tough personal story of the day I almost quit everything. My business, making content, selling products - EVERYTHING. This is going to be a story that has some dark elements to it, but in the end, it all took a turn for the better (thank God!). I hope this can inspire you and give you that push to keep going in dark times.

In this video you’ll learn:

  • What actually happened that made me want to quit everything in my business

  • Why I ended up not quitting, and what changed to turn things around

  • The 4 components you need to have in place in your business, to make sure you don't quit and always keep going

Hope you enjoy!

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