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The Magic of Consistency, Routine, and Just Showing Up

What does it take to be successful in life?

Does it take an enormous amount of talent? Privilege?

What about luck?

Certainly those elements play a role in success, no doubt about it.

But if you look at truly successful people, or look at any success you’ve had in your life, can you really attribute it primarily to those three things: luck, talent, or privilege?

Or is there something else – something simpler – to achieving the success that you want in your career, business, or life in general?

What A Typical Day Looks Like For Me

If I’m ever interviewed or asked to what do I attribute my business success, I have a very simple answer.

Apart from the #1 reason I’m successful, which is God’s blessing, and in so far as what I physically can control in my life, I would attribute most of my professional success to the simple magic of consistency, regular routine, and just showing up.

It’s not a flashy answer – but it’s the truth.

So today I thought I would take you behind the scenes into a day in the life of Graham and show you exactly what I do every day, why I do it, and what tools, techniques, and strategies I use to push my business forward.


Here’s a preview of what I show you in this video:

  • When I wake up – and why
  • What I do first thing every morning
  • My favorite coffee machine
  • The importance of strict time boundaries and work hours
  • The one old school thing I do everyday before leaving the office that sets me up for success
  • The power of margin and how not to burn out

Enjoy the video above!

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