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The No Fridays Challenge Changed My Life

Most people assume that the only way to build a business from the ground up is to grind it out with 60, 70, or even 80 hour work weeks. Especially at the beginning.

In fact, many think that's how I started my business. Sure these days it only takes me 5 or so hours a week to run it but they assume I was hustling hard in the early days.

Not true.

The max I've ever put into my business is 32 hours a week.

And it's all because of a challenge. Years ago, someone older, and wiser than me presented me with the No Fridays challenge - and it changed my life.

Today I want to share that story with you and then help you take the challenge yourself.

In this episode I'll reveal:

  • The 3 reasons you MUST take Fridays off

  • How to easily free up 8 hours a week, without needing to hire someone

  • Other creative ways to apply the No Fridays challenge in your business

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