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The Real Reasons We Can't Stop Working


Can't stop working? Watch this!

I think one of the reasons we get into business in the first place is to have freedom, to be able to own our own schedule, own our time and to have flexibility. But sometimes, things don't really go as planned.
There's that age old saying of trading your nine to five for a twenty four seven - which is the opposite of what we're actually after.

And I get it, it's the hard reality of being responsible for all of it. A business doesn't turn off, just because you left the office. You can't clock in and clock out. This open door, can definitely become a slippery slope. I think we all want something that we're unfortunately not gonna get by default.

We tend to overwork, we tend to just keep going at a pace, that if you're honest with yourself, you cannot keep up with. With the Graham Cochrane show, I'm trying to unpack what's behind all of this so that we can actually live the life we wanna live. In this episode, we're gonna talk about some of the hard things about why we have trouble putting a hard stop on our work. I'm gonna share the struggles Shay and I have had with this, and we're going to identify the four things, the four hidden driving forces, that tend to secretly drive us to hustle, to push, to grind, to not stop when we probably should stop. Let's discuss!

In this episode you'll learn:
- Where the hustle mentality comes from and why it is so dangerous
- How we've struggled with stopping work in the past, and what led us to find new healthy habits and routines
- How working less and putting hard stops on work, can actually lead you to do better work and be way more strategic

Hope you enjoy!
- Graham

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