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This Email Funnel Strategy Will ALWAYS Convert

An email funnel is the backbone of your business. It allows you to add value, sell products automatically and most importantly work less since you don't need to be physically present for your email funnel to do its magic.

But what makes an email funnel great? What are the essentials of a great email funnel? Is it something you actually can control or is just a matter of finding the right audience?

The answer might come as a surprise to you, because this works in two different ways. I believe there are three essential elements that you must have in place for your email funnel to thrive and push your business forward, both in terms of revenue and brand awareness.

So if you're just getting ready to setup your first ever email funnel, then this video is for you. But you can also use this video as a quality checker, to see if your current email funnel has all of these three elements in place. Because if you don't, then you are missing out on report, revenue and relationship.

In this video you’ll learn:

  • The three essential email funnel elements that you MUST have in place for your email funnel to perform its very best
  • Why most business owners fail in constructing an email funnel that actually performs and what you can do to avoid that scenario
  • How my email funnel strategy evolved over time and what trends I saw with my audience, that you can pick up on and take advantage of as well

Hope you enjoy!

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