We Need To Stop Looking At Vanity Metrics

Subscribers. Followers. Likes. Dislikes - whether we like it or not my friend, whether we admit it or not, these are the numbers. These are the metrics that we clinging to, that we long for to give us credibility as business owners and as content creators. It's how we ascribe credibility subconsciously or consciously to other people. And these are what I would call vanity metrics.

These numbers, in my opinion, do not represent credibility and have little to do with the credibility or the success of a person or a business owner. And so in today's episode, we're going to challenge this notion. We're going to challenge these metrics, since the reality is that they have no bearing on whether you are successful or not, and they should not be a marker that you look to for your credibility or success. And then also, they should have no bearing on whether someone else is successful or credible.

And so we're going to encourage each other, to stop looking at these vanity metrics, for yourself and for other people to know whether you should follow them or like them or trust what they're saying. I'm gonna walk you through what really matters when it comes to your business success and your credibility.
And I'm gonna share an interesting story that I think will tie all this together, and my hope is that you will leave this episode with a little more clarity on what to chase after and what to look for in your business and in others.

In this episode you'll learn:

  • Why we're drawn to vanity metrics and how they can harm us psychologically
  • My personal interactions with vanity metrics and how I handle them nowadays
  • 3 crucial things to look for when assessing someones success and credibility
    (and new's flash, it isn't vanity metrics!)

Hope you enjoy!
- Graham

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