Why ”How Do I Make More Money” Is the WRONG Question To Ask

If you don't mind, I'd love to ask you a personal question. Are you working to build wealth or are you looking and working to build a life? What is it you're ACTUALLY working on? Anybody can go make money. Anybody can learn how to make a living online. It might take some work, but it's not that complicated, and we talk about it here all the time.

But are you building a real life? Are you building true wealth? And wealth, if you think about it, isn't just money. There's something that I call the wealth triangle and it's nothing new, but it's this optimization of the three important currencies that determine how our lives go. The currency of money, the currency of time, and the currency of health. Money, time, and health. You don't wanna build a life around just one of those three things, or you won't have much of a life at all.

So what I wanna do in today's episode is break down something very thought provoking around this concept of the wealth triangle and give you a refreshing take on all the work you're doing. As we wrap up this year and move into the new year, now is a great time to pause and ask yourself, am I building wealth, making money, or am I actually building a life that I love?

In this episode you'll learn:
- What steps you need to take to build the life you want to live
- Why most people only fixate on the money side of things
- How add longevity and avoid burnout by focusing on the time and health aspects of this framework

Hope you enjoy!
- Graham

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