Why Our Idea Of Retirement Needs To Change

We all have different roads to retirement. Some follow a traditional model and are aiming for retirement at 65, while others have gone about following the F.I.R.E model (Financial Independence Retire Early) and are looking at retirement in their 30's or 40's.

Whatever your idea of retirement is and however you plan to get there, I want to challenge our thoughts and ideas about retirement today. These two models both have huge flaws that you need to know about. And ultimately I believe that there is a better way to reap all the rewards of retirement, without being stuck with either of these two models.

Today I hope to change your mind about retirement. In this video, I'm going to intentionally shake things up a bit and challenge ideas that we as a society have held for many years. And then I want to offer you a way better alternative towards retirement and hopefully guide and start you on a new path towards financial freedom and independence.

In this video you’ll learn:

  • Three major flaws about our traditional model of retirement and why you need to jump off it as soon as possible

  • Why the FIRE movement, demands too much of you and will have you severely decrease your quality of life

  • What the better alternative is towards retirement and how you can start implementing it TODAY.

Hope you enjoy!

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