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How To Write a Sales Page In 60 Minutes

Just because have an online course doesn't mean you're ready to sell. Unless you have a killer sales page, no one is going to buy it!

So what I thought I would do today is walk you through a simple process you can follow to write your next sales page in just 60 minutes. This framework won't be overwhelming, confusing, or long.

All it takes is one hour!

In this episode, I walk you through the most important questions you need to answer about your product before you write a single word of sales copy. Questions that will help you:

  1. Grab your prospects attention and curiosity instantly

  2. Create empathy with your potential customers so they trust you more and want to buy from you

  3. Get to the heart of what makes people pull out their credit card and buy - even with a short sales page!

I hope you not only watch this episode but also take massive action on it by setting aside 60 minutes this week to write your next sales page using this framework! Enjoy!

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