Improve your marriage with brain science - The 4 Habits of Joy-Filled Marriages by Marcus Warner

What separates a healthy marriage from a miserable one? In this book review, Graham Cochrane discusses 'The Four Habits of Joy-Filled Marriages' by Marcus Warner and Chris Coursey. The book explores how brain science can be used to improve marriages and create a stronger emotional, spiritual, and physical connection. Cochrane highlights the concept of joy as the most powerful motivator in life and emphasizes the importance of shrinking the 'joy gap' in a marriage. The book provides four habits to build joy in a marriage, including playing together and listening for emotion. Cochrane concludes by recommending the book as a quick and actionable read for anyone looking to improve their marriage. Takeaways - Joy and joyful attachment are the most powerful motivators in life. - Love is attachment, and the more joy you build into your marriage, the stronger and more connected your love will be. - The 'joy gap' between moments of joy in a marriage can lead to pessimism, distance, and a vicious cycle of negativity. - The four habits to build joy in a marriage are: playing together, listening for emotion, appreciating daily, and nurturing rhythm. The 52 Book Challenge: